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Screening Criteria

Application and fees are collected from each adult 18 years of age and older. Fees are not refundable if the application has been processed. We will process your application in the order in which it was received, including completion of the application, the collection of appropriate documentation and application fee. Pioneer Management, Inc. will conduct a search of public records and pull a consumer credit report and criminal history report to determine whether the applicant or any tenant has been convicted of or has pled guilty to or no-contest to, any crime. Pending charges or outstanding warrants will result in the suspension of the application process until the charges are resolved. Units are not held awaiting appropriate documentation, rental references, verification of any outstanding financial obligations, nor resolution of pending criminal charges. If any applicant needs any assistance known as a reasonable accommodation, please notify one of our leasing agents.


General Summary

Financial Information

Employment Details

Residential History

Credit Screening

Criminal Convictions and Other Reasons for Denial:

Any further questions about our process, please contact one of our leasing agents directly about our screening process.