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Property Management

Rental Property Evaluation

Full-service property management is our specialty.  Our Property Manager will meet with you to evaluate your property and make recommendations in order to prepare your real estate property to obtain the optimal monthly rental amount.  Using our comparable rental analysis and a wide range of other resources, we will suggest a rental rate for your property.  Based on careful analysis and market comparison, our recommendations will help your property achieve the highest fair value rental price the market will bear. With strategic rental pricing, vacancies are short-lived, stay low, and ultimately increase your cash flow.

Full Service Property Management

Property Marketing

We provide a robust advertising plan using the latest technology and online resources to attract prospective tenants. Our ads are individually designed for each property to create a professional look and highlight the special features of your property. Our web-based marketing is comprehensive and includes syndication to multiple websites such as: Pioneerpm.comFacebook, Youtube,  Homes.com, Zillow, Trulia, Craigslist,  Apartments.com, and Hotpads.com  to name a few.

Property Showings

We schedule and personally show your vacant property to prospective tenants.  We pursue all leads and inquiries related to your property promptly and even offer after-hours or weekend showing appointments if necessary.

Applicant Screening

Our screening process is thorough.  We process all rental applications as they are submitted after the prospective applicants view the home.  We perform extensive background, credit and criminal history screenings of each applicant.  We contact current and past landlords for rental history, search local and national records for previous evictions and verify employment and stated income.  We can discuss with you the results of the screening process and make our recommendation to you.  Once an applicant has been approved, we ensure all agreements have been properly executed and secure necessary funds and lease agreements prior to the tenant’s move-in.

Lease Management

Upon an applicant’s approval, we execute and manage all stages of the lease agreement with the tenant. We also maintain an extensive, secure archive of paperwork and data related to the property and tenant.

Property Documentation

We document the property’s condition on a regular basis using digital photography and video.  We maintain this documentation, share it as needed and utilize it for a variety of reasons.  When a property is vacant, we document it’s condition extensively.   During the move in process, the tenant must complete a “Move-In Inspection” report verifying the condition of the property at the time of move-in.  The property undergoes an informal inspection prior to the tenant moving in and again upon a tenant’s departure. Periodic inspections while the property is occupied are scheduled on an as-needed basis.

Rent Collection

We collect monthly rental income at the beginning of each month via check or electronically.  Our Property Managers will serve the appropriate notices if rent has either not been paid by the grace period of each month or if the funds submitted by the tenant are insufficient.  Our Property Manager will coordinate the start of the process of eviction of your tenant in the event that rent is not paid.

Financial Reporting

We provide monthly and year-end financial reports to property owners outlining income and expenses on the property.  We offer these reports for free electronically and have a small monthly charge for paper copies.  All of the property’s reported information is also available on each account log-in, 24 hours a day on our website.

Bill Payment

We offer bill payment services for the expenses on your property through our Client’s Trust Account.  Please ask your Property Manager for details.

Rent Disbursement to Owner

We disburse the rental proceeds to you on a monthly basis.  We can disburse funds to you via direct deposit at no additional cost to you.

Coordination of Property Maintenance and Repairs

We coordinate all property maintenance and repair requests using our network of independent contractors, and other vendors.  We can pay the property bills out of our Client’s Trust Account on your behalf.  We also can individualize a plan if you prefer to use your own vendors.  There is no up-charge for the coordination of these requests, unlike many of our competitors.

Tenant Problem-Solving

We instruct all tenants to call us with any problems, complaints or suggestions, not you!  After all, that’s what we’re here for.  We are committed to investigating all problems and responding in the timeliest manner possible. We strive to remediate the situation with the least possible cost to you.

24 Hour Online Account Access

Our secure online system allows access to view password protected accounts 24-hours a day.  The Owner Login provides access to statements and up-to-date account information.  You can view and print statements as well as view monthly income and expenses.

Feel free to call and discuss any other services that may not be listed or described here.