Tenant Placement Service

Tenant Placement Service

To achieve great results for our clients, it’s important to start with great tenants. At Pioneer, we achieve this by using comprehensive marketing and thorough tenant screening to locate the best renters available. We have over 15 years of experience screening and qualifying tenants, we abide by and comply with all Fair Housing and HUD laws and we have a great track record with less than a 1% eviction rate. Our process is tried and true and successful.  We handle the complete tenant placement process from initial vacancy all the way through to move-in.

The services offered through a tenant placement service with Pioneer include:

Marketing and Advertising

We use extensive property marketing to reach the most qualified renters. We not only use traditional advertising including a dedicated website, yard signs, flyers and word of mouth, but we also syndicate our listings to hundreds of real estate listing sites. Our integrated software enables us to quickly reply to each and every interested party that has expressed an interest.  We have live people to speak to each prospect, answer questions, pre-qualify and guide them to the showing or application process. We have different showing strategies that are applied appropriately. Our follow up process ensures that no prospect slips through the cracks. Online applications are always available for anyone to apply. Once the tenant has viewed the property and has been pre-screened, they are invited to apply through our online system at any time from any place with an internet connection.  Our system is all online and extremely convenient for applicants.

Income, Credit and Criminal Background Checks

Employment and/or income verification is an important part of our screening process. We ask for financial records to ensure tenants have the means to pay rent in full each month and our guidelines follow HUD’s housing affordability guidelines. As part of this process, we conduct a comprehensive credit score check. In addition to the credit checks, we also run a criminal background check. Using this information and our qualification criteria, we can better determine how suitable an applicant may be for your rental property, thereby sparing issues or conflict later.

Landlord References

Past behavior is a good indicator of what we can expect from applicants, which is why we request landlord references. As part of our reference check procedure, we’ll look for infractions like late or missed rent payments, damages or funds due to past landlords, lease violations and of course, evictions.  Other information we will look for includes complaint history, general notes on demeanor and cooperation, etc.

Leasing Preparation

Once we locate qualified applicants for your rental property, we’ll handle the lease drafting and signing via electronic means.  Our attorney written leases protect you and your property to the fullest extent of the law, and we make sure to respect all local ordinances regarding the tenant-landlord relationship.

Why Use Tenant Placement Services?

Choose Tenant Placement with Pioneer If:

*You DON’T have the time or desire to properly advertise and show your property or have access to extensive real estate listing syndication sites

*You DON’T have access or know where or how to pull credit and national criminal background checks

*You DON’T want to spend the time or money with an attorney to draft and execute a proper lease agreement

*You don’t have the time to thoroughly inspect and document your property with pictures and videos prior to move-in

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