Rental Home Energy Conservation

Rental Home Energy Conservation

Rental Home Energy Conservation

Below we have listed some energy saving tips for your rental home.

In the winter, set your heater between 66 and 68 degrees.  For each degree you set your thermostat above 70 degrees, expect a 3 percent rise in your energy cost to heat your home.  This will certainly add to the overall cost of

Another item to consider is using rugs on cold floors.  If your feet ar code, your body will feel cold too.

Clean and vacuum the coils on your refrigerator every six months.  Set the  refrigerator temperature in the middle range between 38 and 40 degrees and be sure to unplug unused kitchen appliances.

When using the clothes dryer, do multiple loads consecutively to take advantage of the heat that has built up in the dryer.

Clean or replace the filters once a month.  This helps it to run more efficiently and saves on heating costs.

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