Social Media and Credit

Social Media and Credit

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Your Landlord may be screening your Facebook or Twitter account

Ever wonder if social media and credit is searched by more than just a potential employer.  Maybe your landlord is screening your Facebook or Twitter account to vet you before offering you a job or a rental property?  Well, it doesn’t stop there.  According to the National Association of Realtors,  more lending companies are admitting to checking these sources of social media to assess risk and verify identities before lending.  Some companies are considering factoring it into one of their many tools to gauge credit-worthiness.

Remember, when posting online, most places are not private and can be shared outside of your control. Employers, Lenders, Landlords, family, friends can all view your rants and raves.  So before you post the next photo of you and your friends doing something your mother wouldn’t be proud of, consider enjoying the moment with the ones you’re with, and keep your phone in your pocket.

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