Housing in Denver Colorado

Narrow down your search for Housing in Denver Colorado

During your search for housing in Denver Colorado there are many factors to consider.  Whether you choose to rent or buy, you just need to figure out what best suits your situation.

When choosing to rent, consider a property management company vs. an individual landlord.  A property manager should have minimum standards and treat everyone fairly under HUD.  A good property management company will post details clearly, include all information about the home. There should be a minimum amount of questions that need to be asked, after reading the ad.

Before viewing or applying for a home look at all the details, check out the photos.  Watch the walkthrough videos.   All details of the an application process and criteria should be easily read on their company website.  Also, check to see if the property manager is a member of the National Association of Residential Property Managers, NARPM.  All Members need to adhere to a certain level of ethics.

When choosing to rent from a private landlord.  The private landlord has a lot of flexibility and is not held to any standards.  This does not mean that a private landlord is out to do hard.  However, in most cases private landlords normally do not have a fair and consistent practice in which homes are prepared, applications are process, nor is there oversight on how they treat you.

View the home when its rent ready, meaning nothing is left to be done with the home.   Do not give a deposit, until all the promises of painting, cleaning or any other work has been completed.  Narrow down your search  for housing in Denver Colorado, decided what matters most, the features and accountability of a property management company or the perceived flexibility of an individual landlord.



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